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Bossey Intends to Restore Credibility, Service Focus to Auditor’s Office

In the 2014 race for Montgomery County Auditor, Candidate Harry Bossey has
cited recurring inconsistencies and poor service as reasons that compelled him to run.

“Last month, Auditor Karl Keith announced that property values in the County fell by a Billion
Dollars. Despite mounting complaints and appeals from property owners all over the county,
the Auditor’s office continued to assess taxes at inflated valuations.” says Bossey. He
continued, “The people of Montgomery County deserve better. Valuations should adjust with
market values, assuring citizens the best deal in any economic condition. It’s time for a change!
An accountant and a small business owner, driven by results rather than politics, would be a
step in the right direction. I feel confident that come Tuesday, November 4th, the people of
Montgomery County will agree.”

Property owners from around the county have already begun to join the chorus, challenging the
Auditor over past and present valuations. Until larger property owners, such as the likes of
Premier Health Partners and The University of Dayton, publically came out recently to join the
quest for better property valuations, the Auditor maintained a position that values were
holding steady and were overall accurate.

Politics as Usual

It is election year politics for Auditor Karl Keith who is now using the outcry for better valuations to scare levy benefactors to pursue measures to put levies on the ballot this year in an attempt to create voter turnout to his advantage!

With the recent proposed addition of the Human Services Levy to the November ballot,
agencies are seeking to replace revenue lost from overzealous assessments and lower

Restored Credibility

Bossey has been challenging the credibility of current valuations since 2009, based on
independent data comparing Montgomery County to surrounding Counties. The Bossey
campaign contends that the auditor’s delay in coming to the same conclusion is a sign of
political opportunism and ineffective management, at the expense of Montgomery County

Bossey has proposed a system of proactive public input in the valuation process to ensure that
property taxes are transparent and accurate, and assessments are timely in their conclusions.

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